Chief Dixon



As a law Enforcement Professional, John I. Dixon, III has had the opportunity to experience all aspects of policing; and he has found his passion to be in the areas of community engagement and empowerment, youth engagement, human resource development, and improving the overall quality of life for both internal and external stakeholders. Dixon is a results-oriented leader who demonstrates exemplary organizational and analytical skills.

John I. Dixon, III joined law enforcement in the 1980s. He first served in the US Marine Corps and then for 25 years as a police officer in Richmond, Virginia, rising from patrol officer to the rank of major. He served in patrol and in the narcotics and juvenile divisions. He became Chief of Police in 2007.

Dixon’s passion for improving the overall quality of the life of the community, he led extensive outreach efforts in Petersburg and the surrounding areas, which significantly curb the several challenges in the police-community relationship. He implemented innovative practices including the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Lethality Assessment Protocol to prevent domestic-partner homicides, and Operation Renew with the Virginia National Guard Counterdrug Task Force to assist communities in removing unlivable structures associated with the drug trade. Known for his strong work ethic and uncompromising commitment to public safety, he was selected to serve on the President’s Commission on Gun Violence.

Dixon regularly participates in public safety speaking engagements on a National platform. In an effort to continue his professional development, he is actively seeking opportunities that will provide him the chance to serve as a change agent promoting the fundamental principles of 21st Century Policing.