Dr. Uche

DR. Stephen Uche


Dr. Stephen Uche is a resident of Ann Arbor, Michigan, and a Faculty, College of Natural Science, Nursing, Health & Wellness at the University of Phoenix, Detroit Campus where he teaches various graduate and undergraduate courses in Public/Community Health and environmental sciences. Dr. Uche is also a part owner and Program Director of Christies Community Connections in Toledo, Ohio, an agency that provides care and services to individuals with developmental disabilities. A native of Nigeria, Dr. Uche had an undergraduate degree from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (Biochemistry/Zoology), and taught sciences in various Nigerian high schools before traveling to the United States for graduate studies. He earned his MPH from Boston University School of Public Health before joining the University of Michigan, AnnArbor where he completed another Masters Degree in the School of Public Health (Population Planning and International Health) and a PhD from the School of Natural Resources & Environment where he did his post-graduate, traveling to Tanougou in northern Republic of Benin where he supervised a UoM-sponsored agroforestry project.

Dr. Uche worked at the Census Coverage and Management (CCM), Detroit Regional Census Center, US Department of Commerce, providing managerial, technical, administrative, and programmatic support to the different components of CCM activities, and oversaw the Implementation Plans for CCM operations.

Dr. Uche served as Environmental Consultant for The World Bank in Nigeria, serving as the Principal Investigator on the Bank-assisted project – Local Empowerment and Environment Management Project (LEEMP) and led a team of experts – agriculturists, engineers, foresters, and social scientists – that standardized environmental checklist and training manual for LEEMP-related projects. He was also a Principal Investigator and a Public Health/Environmental Consultant for African Development Bank (ADB) in Nigeria, Benin, Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire, Senegal, Mali and Tunisia, working on various Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) projects in a West African multinational AquaticWeed Control Program. He also served as an Environmentalist Consultant for ADB in Eritrea (East Africa) where he reviewed the bank’s Fisheries Development Project as well as in Kenya where he evaluated the environmental and public health impacts of Nyayo TeaZones’ Improvement Project in western Kenya.

Dr. Uche conducts annual educational & environmental consulting with Michigan Schools, serving as Guest Speaker on environmental and African socio-cultural programs in numerous school districts in Michigan (middle, high, college, universities, public libraries, and school PTOs), evoking true African consciousness among students and teachers. Dr. Uche is a cultural leader in various Nigerian organizations