Mrs. Osuji



Rosemarie Sesay Osuji is a woman of substance, integrity, and passion. She is a visionary who touches things with the power of God. She has turned adversity into prosperity. Mrs. Rosemarie originates from Sierra Leone. She was a principal of a school and received her Master’s in Education. She immigrated to the United States to not only pursue the American Dream but to give back to it. Through hard work and commitment, she was able to achieve a BSN in Nursing and she is currently working on her masters.

Mrs. Osuji is an accomplished businesswoman; she is the founder and CEO of Immaculate Health Care System. Immaculate Health Care System is comprised of Immaculate Health Care Agency, Immaculate School of Allied Health, and Immaculate Charities. Mrs. Osuji is an entrepreneur and a philanthropist; she is the CEO of Prime International Productions. She is a staunch supporter of Nollywood as well as Hollywood entertainment industry.

Mrs. Osuji is a humanitarian who gives back through her charities in West African Countries by feeding the poor and clothing the less fortunate. She also provides a lot of outreach to local communities in the DMV area through, health clinics, health seminars, and career development. Mrs. Osuji has a heart of gold, ever ready to help and support people, especially Africans coming to the US with scarce resources. If you are in the DMV area, she should be the first person to contact on your list. Her biggest mission in life is not merely to survive but to thrive. Mrs. Osuji believes this is possible through compassion, humor, and loyalty no one should be left behind even the impoverished or the hungry. First and foremost, she is a lover of GOD and an intense. follower of Jesus Christ.

Mrs. Osuji has four children and is happily married to Kenneth Osuji chief in Imo State in Nigeria. If there is one word that can describe Rosemary Sesay Osuji it is benevolent. Mrs. Osuji believes that with the Grace of God and a strong education you can achieve anything in life.