Royal Princess Kechipetrollina



Princess Kechipetronilla (Kechi) Martina Simon-Ebuhu was born into the lineage of royalty in Urualla Ideator Local Government Area (LGA) of Imo, Owerri Prinvince in the Aro Kingdom of Wst Africa (WA) on March 28th, 1958. Princess Kechi is a native of Umuezearo village at Urualla where the direct descendants of Arodi/Arodi son of Gad/Gadi, the seventh son of Jacob/Jakaobu currently reside. Umuezearo people were among the group of Jaco’s/Jakaobu’s children who relocated from Egypt and settled down in West Africa at about 1400 BC. Princess Kechi is one of the biological fourteen children, Seven Princess and Seven Princesses of Princess Magadalene Lolo Ezibuaku Ezeugo bore for Prince Simon Orjiako Simon-Ebughu, who was a Catholic School Teacher.

Princess Kechi earned multiple university degrees, which liberal arts/sciences, bachelor of science in accounting, masters in political science/economics and nursing. Princess Kechi made several dean’s lists, received the Phillips Lomax Memorial Award for Academic Excellence fron the City University of New York (CUNY). Princess Kechi was a member of the late mayor of New York Ed Koch’s Talent Bank. Princess Kechi served the society in her professional carrier as a deputy director for HIV Prevention at the South Brooklyn Health Center in New York. Princess Kechi was also employed by the city of New York, the Administration for Children’s Services, in August 15, 1988. She served the low-income group of children for twenty-eight years before she retired on March 12th, 2018, as a child protective specialist supervisor.